Management Accountant: The Strategic Partner

24 - 25 Sep 2019Auckland$2399 + GST
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Overview and discussion: Understanding the context MAs operate in now

  • The macroeconomic environment: How does what’s happening out there affect what’s happening in your organisation?
  • Analysing the shift in the MA’s role
  • The expectations and responsibilities that come with it

Core skills of Management Accounting:

Understanding Key Business Drivers: Data for financial analysis

  • Identifying the information you need
  • Building your data gathering tool box: Pros and cons of popular approaches
  • Getting the right snapshot from your dashboards
  • Working around limitations


Developing your Balanced Scorecard

  • Effective design and core components checklist
  • Cascading your scorecard
  • Cost management: Addressing budgeting issues


The practicalities of moving away from traditional budgets

  • Creating a lean budget
  • Accuracy in forward looking forecasting


Understanding the impact of change: Modelling scenarios

  • Acknowledging challenges and tackling inefficiencies in the process
  • Bringing in a functional expert: When, how and why?


Streamlining reporting practices

  • KPI reporting: Identifying and implementing benchmarks to report against
  • Dealing with the continuous need for information
  • Establishing what needs to be included in your reports and what doesn’t
  • Making your information “management friendly”

Becoming a Strategic Partner

Thinking Strategically

  • Core elements of successful business strategy
  • Some strategic thinking tools.
  • Understanding links between Operational strategy and Strategic management?
  • Identifying key stakeholders and what they need to know


Engaging Strategically

  • Establishing yourself as a Trusted Adviser and Business Partner
  • The science and art of influence and persuasion
  • Powerful Questioning: Shifting peoples thinking with the questions you ask.
  • Communicating well with non-financial professionals.
  • Enabling strategic decision-making


An introduction to change management

  • What drives change?
  • Change models: conventional and non conventional.
  • Understanding and working with resistance.
  • Helpful implementation hints and tips.
  • A management accountant’s contribution to change?


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