Managing and Leading in a Diverse Workplace

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    Considerations on diversity, inclusion and equal access

    • What is diversity these days?
    • Why do we need to focus on inclusion?
    • What does equal access really look like?
    • Distinguishing the differences between diversity, inclusion and equal access
    • How the role of all three is needed to maximise the benefits of diversity


    The business case for diversity in your workplace 

    • Workplace enrichment and the business case for diversity? 
      • Diversity of thinking and decision making 
      • Greater ability to understand customer / client
    • Understanding barriers (societal, educational, organisational) which may be covert or overt and may be slowing the growth of diversity in your workplace 
    • Understanding the power of diversity at all levels in an organisation including ELTs & board


    Understanding cross cultural and multigenerational differences

    • Drawing upon an evidence-based framework to understand differences and support a non-judgmental approach
    • Understanding individual motivation
    • Recognising differences in career motivation
    • Tapping into individual motivation to increase individual job satisfaction


    The well-being and resilience effect - Wellbeing for individuals, teams and organisations

    • Why employee wellbeing drives success
    • Identifying factors which support wellbeing and inhibits wellbeing for all groups
    • Practical ways managers can facilitate and contribute to employee wellbeing
    • How managers can avoid unintentionally detracting from employee wellbeing


    Exploring Unconscious Bias 

    • What is unconscious bias
    • Reflecting upon individual biases, judgements and thoughts and their impact
    • Techniques to challenge your own assumptions
    • How to combat or mitigate biases
    • Developing self insight


    Promotors and barriers to inclusion and equal access to opportunities for all in your workforce

    • The role of managers to be alert to its impact on judgment and decision making e.g. recruitment, talent management, pay equity etc. 
    • Practical strategies to identify and address biases in your workplace 
    • Providing support and guidance for leaders and employees who are experiencing bias or who identify a practice that needs to change 


    Communicating and connecting

    • A framework to support effective, respectful and appropriate communication
    • Building great relationships through empathic communication
    • Adapting your communication style for your audience
    • Important factors with verbal and nonverbal communication
    • Active listening
    • Summarising and Reflecting
    • Cultural and generational differences to think about


    Conducting  feedback and performance appraisals with a diverse workforce

    • What are the considerations when conducting employee feedback or performance appraisal and management? 
    • What makes providing feedback challenging / difficult
    • Identifying the specific factors which create avoidance, delays and other behaviours which inhibit constructive conversations and outcomes
    • Positive feedback
    • Redirective feedback
    • Ways to promote collaboration and two-way communication in a feedback discussion
    • Techniques to have a really constructive and positive feedback discussion with any employee
    • The use of Motivational Interviewing to have conversations with diverse groups in an empathic and respectful manner
    • Diversity factors that may influence your approach


    Teams and teamwork 

    Turning your mind to diversity when setting, managing or leading teams 

    Practice of skills to identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth

    Individual action plans

    • Taking ownership of actions to put into practice the learnings
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