Managing Compliance Risk, Monitoring and Auditing Controls in Management Systems

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29 - 30 Jul 2020Cliftons, Wellington$2199 + GST
25 - 26 Nov 2020Cliftons, Wellington$2099 + GST
15 - 18 Mar 2021Online course, 3 - hourse each day$1399 + GST
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This course will equip you with the skills required to develop and verify a risk management framework and process for best practice management of compliance-related risks. In addition to legal and other compliance obligations, you will learn how to integrate compliance and management systems to avoid non-compliance in all areas. Benchmark the effectiveness of your organisation’s risk systems and processes, and find out which internal controls you must have in place to meet audit requirements.

Also, this course leads you through a process for identifying deficiencies and gaps in risk controls that are currently in place and making management recommendations for remedial actions. The course will be of interest to those who have responsibilities for auditing non-financial controls in management systems such as those for quality, compliance, food safety and occupational health and safety, etc. It is closely aligned with a wide range of International Standards Organization management systems and the recently revised ISO19011 "Guidelines for auditing management systems”.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Managing and mitigating compliance - related risks by identifying the legal and other codes an organisation must comply with
  • Developing a compliance programme of management strategies and controls which are embedded within your business processes
  • Communicate your compliance programme to key stakeholders
  • Monitor and review the programme for effectiveness and emerging or actual changes in legislation and stakeholder expectations
  • Understand which internal controls to have in place

Past Attendee Testimonials

"Has provided me with thought provoking questions and useful tools that I will take back and use in my workplace. I will use the risk canvas to help justify the decision making process in a more robust way."
Ian Chapman, Technical Support Specialist, Unison Networks Ltd

"Looking at the big picture of risk management and how it applies to business. Different techniques to assess the impacts of rick and consequence. The risk canvas was an excellent way to describe and evaluate risk".
Brian Wilkinson, Quality Assurance Manager, FMG

“Use of case study in bringing out all the topics covered & discussions with other participants, it opened up more insights relevant to risk assessment & management.
Facilitator’s use of actual events - this made understanding the relevance & applicability of different topics discussed. Chris has a wealth of knowledge & practical advice which I can take (back) away to help improve the way our organisation manage risk.”

Bles Oliveros, QA Continuous Improvement Coordinator, Frucor Suntory Ltd


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        • 15 - 18 Mar 2021
        • Online course, 3 - hourse each day
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