Mastering Due Diligence

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    The Approach to Due Diligence 

    • The objectives of due diligence
    • What you need to know
    • Who will be using the due diligence?
    • Defining the scope of your responsibilities
    • How to organise due diligence processes


    Preparing For Due Diligence 

    • Due diligence agreements, rights and obligations
    • Confidentiality agreements
    • Security arrangements, document preparation and logistics


    Commercial Due Diligence

    • What is commercial due diligence?
    • Reasons for carrying out commercial diligence
    • Key elements of commercial due diligence
    • How to collect relevant information
    • Uses and applications of commercial due diligence
    • Case study examples


    Financial Information Assessment 

    • Income and revenue verification
    • Balance sheet and financial position verification
    • Account processing
    • Inventory finance assessment
    • Financial reporting assessment
    • Financial Systems Evaluation 


    Contracts, Legal Obligations and Finance 

    • Leases, financial security and insurance
    • Customer and supplier contracts


    Legal and Corporate Issues and Finance 

    • Contingent liabilities verification and assessment
    • Financial compliance and materials required



    • Business valuation for Due Diligence
    • Valuation models and application
    • Data and materials for valuation

    Human Resources and Company Culture Factors

    • Investigating and reporting on: HR strategies, corporate culture, leadership and management
    • Understanding the business and its employees
    • Checking for compliance with new legislation

    Tax Due Diligence

    • Quantification of risks using tax due diligence as a commercial tool
    • Structuring the transaction using the due diligence knowledge
    • Reducing the tax cost of the deal
    • What should tax due diligence achieve?


    Industry and Competition Financial Assessment

    • Financial comparisons and benchmarks
    • Data and methods for comparative analyses

    Technology Due Diligence

    • The need for technology due diligence
    • How should you approach an assignment?
    • Case study examples


    Environmental and other Specialist Due Diligence

    • Assessing the need for environmental and other specialist due diligence
    • Identifying environmental problems and problem industrial areas
    • Mechanisms for protection


    Post Due Diligence Reporting

    • Assembling dataand presenting results
    • Decision making from due diligence


    Post Acquisition Implementation

    • Implementing financial and commercial due diligence recommendations
    • Creating a formal process for business integration
    • Effective project management techniques for the integration process
    • Successfully integrating the management teams
    • Managing the relationship with shareholders, bankers and employees
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