Mindfulness in Business

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    There is now compelling scientific and anecdotal evidence that people are better able to cope with the stresses of modern professional life when they learn and regularly practice Mindfulness.

    Your brain has an incredible capacity for clear and focused thinking; the type of thinking that gives you unique, innovative ideas and lifts your performance to the next level. For most of us this capacity is not fully realized.

    This two-day course combines Mindfulness with powerful psychological techniques to teach you how to harness the potential of your brain.

    Key Learning Outcomes

    • Learning easy to use Mindfulness techniques that activate clear and focused thinking - the optimal state for performance and innovation
    • Gaining insight into the brain processes behind clear and focused thinking
    • Identifying blockages to optimal brain activity and learning how to overcome them
    • Discovering practical new tools for effective conflict management, creative problem solving and idea generation for both individuals and teams

    Facilitated by Clinical Psychologist Chantal Hofstee
    , who specializes in practical Mindfulness training. Chantal draws on her knowledge of the brain and Psychology to explain the concept of Mindfulness. She teaches practical Mindfulness skills that induce the ideal brain state for focus and innovation. Her teaching will leave you feeling well equipped to increase your level of performance and innovation in everyday (work)life.


    Who Should Attend?

    Anyone and everyone can use these practical skills to decrease stress levels and increase enjoyment in day to day living.

    Past Attendee Testimonials

    “Chantal has such a calm way of delivering the content. Her passion for the topic was so obvious and it made it really easy to open up and take on board. By far the best 'self-development' training I have done”
    Jane Smathers, Team Leader, Inland Revenue

    "It exceeded my expectations. Opens up the mind, encourages growth and self-worth. Chantal is an inspirational person, genuine, accepting and a great presenter. Lots of people should go on this course!"
    Dean Olson, Accountant, Toyota New Zealand

    "Chantal was excellent. She made you feel relaxed from day one, which made it easier to participate in the course. Would recommend this course to anyone who suffers from the slightest bit of stress from everyday life"
    Lorraine Lowry, Team Leader, Inland Revenue Department

    "Excellent course with practical application for ideas for work. Chantal is great! She is confident, personable, likeable, knowledgeable and fully competent in material"
    Wayne Buck, Accountant, Crown Forestry Rental Trust



    All attendees to a Brightstar course receive a Certificate of Accreditation acknowledging their training and their journey to New Skills, New Thinking.
    Independent research has verified that this recognition is highly valued by your employees.

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