Oil & Gas Production for Non Technical Managers

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    • History of Oil and Gas
    • The Future of Hydrocarbons, Conventional and Unconventional
    • Are we running out of oil and gas?
    • How will the industry change?

    Oil and Gas Reservoirs

    • The chemistry of oil
    • Reservoirs
    • Formation

    How Reservoirs Produce

    • Conventional and unconventional reserves
    • Producing from a reservoir
    • How reservoirs behave due to pressure changes
    • How to maximise the amount of oil recovered
    • Offshore production issues

    Exploration & Production

    • Conventional Wells, and Unconventional Wells
    • Off shore platforms
    • Subsea Systems

    Oil Processing

    • Separation
    • Transportation
    • Sweet versus sour
    • Heavy versus light
    • Refining

    Water Processing

    • Removing oil
    • Removing gas
    • Removing solids

    Gas Processing

    • Different types of gas
    • Sweetening gas
    • Drying gas
    • Separating gases

    Coal Seam Methane

    • The nature of Coal Seam Methane
    • Why is it becoming an important fuel source
    • What do we do with it
    • What environmental impacts does it have

    LNG: 21st Century Fuel

    • Liquefaction process
    • Transportation

    Oil and Gas Export:

    • Pipelines
    • Tankers and carriers
    • Refineries and terminals


    • Safety case requirements
    • Major accident risks
    • Slips, trips and falls


    • Climate change
    • Greenhouse gases

    Alternative Energy

    • Renewables
    • Battery storage
    • Electric vehicles
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