Organisation Structure Design

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    Is your organisation designed to succeed in an ever changing business world. With the proliferation of new technology, products and service offerings, competition in any sector will continue to intensify. Your organisation structure needs to support your strategy for succeeding with your customers..
    To remain competitive, organisations need to design an organisation structure that drive marketplace effectiveness and operational efficiency. The dynamic environment in which we operate in requires a constant revision of strategy and subsequently change/adaptability of organisation design.
    Organisation structure design is the alignment of the various complex relationships between tasks, workflows, accountability and responsibility to ensuring these all support the objectives of the business. How work is done – from business processes to IT systems, information sharing and people and rewards, all affects how well the organisation performs. For example, if your business strategy is to compete on price, yet you follow a decentralised structure with duplication of corporate functions your cost structure will work against your strategy, or if your strategy is to compete through the tailoring of offerings to meet local customers then centralised design will be counter productive.

    Key Learning Outcomes

    • Understand the processes and techniques, models, alignment of functions and operations of a successful organisation structure design
    • Design organisation structure for high performance and competitive advantage
    • Evaluating Trade offs
    • Accountability mapping
    • Political accountability
    • Implementation of Newly Designed Organisation Structure



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