The Outstanding Receptionist & Office Administrator

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The role of reception and office administration in the modern organisation is expanding. As well as performing general duties, Receptionists and Administrators are increasingly expected to undertake a wider range of other tasks to better support the organisation. Not only that, organisations today are operating under much greater stress, with more expected of fewer staff. This means that job roles are expanding and there is “less time” making highly honed time & priority management skills a necessity. 

On reception, just the first few minutes of interaction with a customer or visitor, the tone is set for the company. As a matter of fact, the modern receptionist serves as a crucial central coordination point for the organisation and their contacts with clients, suppliers and customers. 

On top of front desk operations, the effective receptionist recognises that an on-going knowledge of the business and a pro-active approach to providing customer service to both the internal and external customers are crucial.

The “office administrator” is a wide-ranging job role which can have complex reporting lines and many influences that set up conflicting priorities. Over the past number of years, organisations have stripped out management layers which has required many administrators to take on greater responsibilities.

This course has been developed specifically to equip receptionists and office admin staff with all the essential skills to better manage the workloads and activity profiles that form the engine-room of efficient organisations.


Key Learning Outcomes

  • Identifying the roles, responsibilities (and conflicts) of the receptionist and office administrator
  • Conveying a positive image, working with energy and efficiency
  • How to receive visitors professionally- making visitors feel welcome
  • Reviewing priorities of work and setting appropriate goals and decisions 
  • Simple negotiation skills to get a win-win outcome for both parties
  • Managing multiple responsibilities and priorities
  • Effective time & priority management


Past Attendee Testimonial

"Elaine was very entertaining, compassionate, supportive and thorough".
Louise Johnson, Environmental Services Administrator, Selwyn District Council


Level 1 - Introductory EA/PA & Office Management Courses


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