Planning for Successful Change - A Change Management Guide

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    Change happens in organisations every day and is vital as organisation adapt and pursue opportunities. Whether it is a big restructure or a small change in procedure, it can sometimes be harder to implement than anticipated and unexpected obstacles can derail the new plans. (As most people will testify, even rearranging desks can have complications)

    Some changes are by their nature quite threatening, but even when there is change people are looking forward to, things can become confounded by unforeseen events. Many organisations have reported that their change project:

    • failed or stalled
    • didn’t deliver the expected results and returns
    • occupied time, energy and money
    • created frustration, lowered productivity and morale

    Change is dynamic, each change is unique, and each person is affected differently. Your people leaders are the key to guiding your teams through the ups and downs of change to optimise the success of the change initiative. Give your managers and leaders an understanding of what happens during a change and how it can impact people and how to anticipate and plan to lead their teams successfully through change.

    Key Learning outcomes:

    • What is change and why is it challenging?
    • Planning and preparing for change
    • Creating buy in for change
    • Stages of change
    • Understanding how people respond to change
    • Providing training and support to help people to adapt to the new changes
    • Implementing and embedding change
    • Communicating effectively through change
    • Building resilience and resilient teams
    • Measuring progress through change and celebrating successes


    The future workplace is full of complex and technological advances means change is fast. Change is a constant, not always known in advance and is not always a finite event. The skills learnt will help support an agile organisation where people adapt and thrive in the face of change

    This course will be designed to address the changes you are undertaking in your organisation. Our facilitators are experts in Organisational Change and can equip your people with the skills to plan and implement and embed the changes you want to move your organisation forward.


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