Process Safety for Oil & Gas Industry

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    Despite the presence of Safety Case regimes the conclusions from major incident reports are often the same; they tell us we fail to manage process safety proactively. So, if we know the answer why do major incidents continue to occur? The answer is simple; you need to be proactive instead of reactive.

    This course bridges this gap between theory and practice, working towards the outcomes we all desire and deserve, focusing on making your work culture into a proactive environment.

    Safety cases, performance standards, inherent safety, safety integrity levels, HAZOP, bow ties, and LOPA, will all be covered, alongside quantitative risk assessment. This course aims to teach in an interesting and new way, to demystify process safety, because everybody needs to understand process safety not just engineers.

    This course does not confuse slips, trips and falls with process safety nor is it another session about the Baker report, the Cullen report, Montara or Macondo (Deepwater Horizon). This course will drive you towards safer industry practice.

    Key Learning Outcomes:

    • Practical understanding of fundamentals which enable you to learn the basic principles of process safety.
    • A simple model for proactively improving process safety and integrity
    • Alignment of the safety procedures and systems needed to gain regulatory approval with the model for continuous improvement of process safety.
    • Easier ways of communicating with operators, who can then understand and proactively avoid safety risks.

    Who Should Attend:

    • Hazardous Facility Managers – Operations, Safety and Senior
    • Engineers – All disciplines
    • Integrity and Asset Management Professionals
    • Hazardous Facility Operators and Maintenance Personnel
    • Government Regulators / Authorities
    • Compliance Auditors
    • Emergency  Response Personnel
    • Risk Managers


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