The Project & Event Management Masterclass

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    Day 1 – Event Management

    What does Event Management involve?

    • How is an event different to a project?
    • What are the roles and responsibilities in event management teams?

    Taking the brief

    • Clarifying expectations for the event
    • Covering all the bases in taking your event brief

    Establishing timelines

    • Being clear about tasks and timelines
    • Recognising task interdependencies

    Setting and managing a budget

    • What should be in your event budget?
    • Using your budget as a pivotal event management tool

    Securing event sponsorship

    • Identifying potential sponsors and designing sponsorship packages
    • What’s your sponsorship value proposition?

    Event planning

    • Why and how are event plans used?
    • What’s typically in an event plan?

    Venues, technology and logistics

    • Selecting the right venue for your event
    • Exploring event technologies that enhance your event
    • Run sheets and event logistics

    Evaluating your event

    • Debriefing from your event and capturing lessons learned
    • Gathering insights from event participants to help shape your next event

    Day 2 – Project Management

    Being a Project Manager

    • Gaining clarity around the role and responsibilities of a Project Manager
    • Challenges, pitfalls and core competencies in project management

    The Science of Project Management

    • What are the most common approaches and methodologies in managing projects?
    • What do you need to know about project life-cycle?

    Project feasibility

    • Understanding basic feasibility
    • Exploring cost-benefit analysis

    Project Plans and Charters

    • What’s in a Project Charter?
    • Guidance for writing a Project Plan

    Scoping the project

    • Exploring the project deliverables and variables
    • What is the ‘Iron Triangle’ of Project Management?

    Identifying and managing risks

    • 5 Key steps in managing project risks
    • Exploring common risk factors

    Understanding your stakeholders

    • Using the responsibility matrix
    • Analysing and prioritising stakeholders

    Evaluating your project

    • Why debriefs are so critical
    • Post-Implementation Review – what is it and what does it look like?
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