Report Writing for Technical Professionals

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    An effective business report captures and provides the right level of information on findings or projects accurately and logically.

    Report Writing for Technical Professionals is designed to help technical professionals improve report writing skills, sharpen up and deliver reports that are concise, logical and persuasive. One thing is for sure, the more effective reports are, the greater the chances for a successful outcome.

    Technical writing involves the ability to understand technical language as well as being able to express that knowledge in a clear, concise, and coherent manner. Our one day report writing course is extremely practical giving participants the opportunity to analyse technical writing in terms of language, grammar and style.

    Delegates will have to identify three things they can implement in their workplace immediately upon their return. They will be encouraged to discuss these with their Manager or Supervisor when they get back to work.


    Key Learning Outcomes

    • Preparation, planning and research
    • Identifying the purpose of the report
    • The challenges of presenting technical information
    • Effective report writing fundamentals
    • Using relevant and appropriate language
    • Proof-reading and editing


    All attendees to a Brightstar course receive a Certificate of Accreditation acknowledging their training and their journey to New Skills, New Thinking.
    Independent research has verified that this recognition is highly valued by your employees.

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