Report Writing for Technical Professionals

Event Details

    Preparation, planning and research 

    •   Identifying the purpose of the report
    •   Undertaking research
    •   Preparing to write

    Planning your document 

    •  The challenges of presenting technical information
    •  Understanding the challenges
    •  Taking a look from the reader's perspective

    Effective report writing fundamentals 

    •   Identifying the important facts
    •   Creating effective explanations of technical information
    •   Using bullet points and numbered lists
    •   Writing an effective executive summary
    •   Using a layout that is easy to read, understand and follow

    Using relevant and appropriate language 

    •   Writing succinct sentences
    •   Avoiding jargon
    •   Using professional language

    Proof-reading and editing

    Personal action plan to implement back in the workplace following this training.

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