Time & Priority Management – New one day course

face to face & Interactive Online

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    The five principles of effective time management

    • Understanding the 5 principles that drive the practical strategies for effective time management
    • The tools and skills for being both efficient and effective in your role
    • Understanding how you/ your role contributes to the success of your organisation and team

    Setting and achieving goals

    •  Identifying how high achievers self-manage
    • Setting your objectives in the wider context of your organisation
    • Why it is essential to plan ahead
    • Ensuring that you have clarity of role
    • Managing changing and conflicting priorities

    Developing a prioritisation action plan

    • What criteria should you use when prioritising your workload?
    • Identifying and focusing on high payoff activities
    • Getting into a results focused mindset
    • Tackling important versus urgent tasks
    • Prioritising your weekly & daily plan
    • Reprioritisation; when and where

    Maximise the productivity of your interactions with others

    • Responding to the demands of others
    • Managing expectations proactively
    • Learning to say no
    • When and how to delegate tasks effectively

    How to make meetings purposeful and productive

    • Establishing the purpose of the meeting
    • Facilitating the meeting to achieve the desired outcomes
    • What to do when things go off track
    • How to maintain pace and control


    • Effectively handling unwanted interruptions
    • How to communicate when interruptions are not acceptable
    • Implementing a screening plan
    • Scheduling quiet time to gain productivity

    Handling paperwork and electronic overload

    • Why you must have a strategy to manage the email deluge
    • Applying your prioritising strategy to emails
    • Managing expectations of instant response in the age of connectivity
    •  How to avoid others overloading you with information

    Overcoming procrastination

    • Why we put things off
    • How procrastination affects your workload
    • Practical strategies to prevent procrastination

    Managing the ‘extra’ projects

    • How to effectively plan the projects that add to your workload
    • Having a plan to execute the project steps, so you achieve the deadline with no stress and pressure
      • How to get others to commit and deliver on their ‘bit’ of the project
      • ​How to ‘push’ back when the project deadlines are unrealistic or the parameters change


    Managing your workload

    • Identify if your workload is unmanageable
    • How to ‘push back’ when you need to, to have a manageable workload and still add value in your role
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