Values based leadership - Why a culture of trust is a winning formula

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    Penny Holden


    Master facilitator, high calibre industry recognised trainer, and people and culture capability consultant, Penny Holden brings 20 years real business and workplace experience, expertise and knowledge. With an extensive background in behavioural sciences, psychology, education and organisational development and people capability, she applies this in simple and effective ways to her workshops and projects. Penny is particularly recognised for her ability to work with anyone at any level with respect and robust appropriate learning methods.

    Penny has worked in most industries and at all levels from boards, CEOs, executives, and leadership teams, through to front-line people, across all demographics and the complete mix of generations in today’s workplaces. She has proven success with blue collar workers, highly male environments such as manufacturing and those in technical roles. Penny has also operated in all sectors - private, corporate, public and NGOs in the UK, Australasia and New Zealand. Some example organisations include: Qantas, BNZ, IAG, AirNZ, CokeNZ, Contact Energy, Action Manufacturing, Mobil, Crombie Lockwood, STAtravel, VIVO hair and Universities throughout NZ.

    Facilitation Style

    Penny brings the most business-appropriate, up-to-date, robust content together with an inspiring, interactive, fun and challenging approach. Participants say she makes it ‘real’ for them, demands they be the best they can be as a person at work, yet feel completely respected and able to tackle individuals ‘blocks’ to high performance. She is passionate about results beyond the workshop and transfer to the workplace. That’s where real success lies. Programme expertise includes leadership and management training, and developing people capability and organisational effectiveness at all levels.

    What Clients Say

    "We need someone who understands how these people think, can make it easy for them to learn and get beyond fears, habits and resistance. They have to buy into their roles as leaders and the risks of not doing this."

    "Penny can take the toughest critic or non-believer and find a way to reach them on an individual level and get them to ‘step-up’ to the challenge she is trying to facilitate them through." 

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