Values based leadership - Why a culture of trust is a winning formula

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    ‘Values-based leadership ………is a way of making authentic decisions that builds the trust and commitment of employees and customers." Richard Barrett, Building a Values-Driven Organization

    A recent study shows that building trust can have a powerful positive impact on KPI’s such as retention, productivity, customer focus, and future success. It impacts 62% of overall performance, clearly showing that the focus, organisationally, should be on building trust.*

    People are trying to perform with limited time and resources, and often feel frustrated and unable to keep up with demand. In this environment, strong leadership is essential to provide a healthy culture that enables performance, progress and success.

    This course will show leaders how to strengthen trust with employees, equipping them with a strong internal compass to help them thrive in a high-pressure environment, and navigate the competing demands and conflicting interpretations of ‘ethics’ that they may encounter along the way.

    You will learn how to:

    • Judge situations and make decision that sit well with leaders and reinforce trust with employees, the organisation and its customers.
    • Build stronger relationships that foster mutual trust even with difficult circumstances
    • Communicate confidently and genuinely in any situation
    • Set clear expectations and uphold standards and build accountability to drive high performance
    • Feel an alignment between their values and their approach, creating a more comfortable leadership style that promotes high performance within ethical boundaries


    *(Six Seconds: Vitality Study -1675 people in 95 countries)


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