Values based leadership - Why a culture of trust is a winning formula

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     What is Trust and How Does it Impact Organisational Effectiveness?

    ‘Ethics and integrity are important drivers of innovation and company reputation’ Steve Price, Forbes

    • Why trust is the core to organisations’ success
    • The role of trust in meeting and exceeding organisational deliverables in today’s world
    • The consumer, customer and client relationship and trust in ‘buying’ decisions
    • Organisations with high trust levels - what they do and how they benefit from it
    • The Economics of Trust and the Trust Tax and Dividends (why so many cultures fail to deliver and meet their potential)
    • Debunking common trust myths
    • The relationship between Trust and Ethics for the organisation and individuals
    • Where values align and enhance delivery
    • Assessment: How is your organisation doing?


    The ‘Crucible’: The Role of Ethical Leaders Leading With Trust and Values

    ‘If you think the problem is out, that thought is the very problem.’ Stephen Covey

    • Trust begins with the leaders
    • Defining values based leadership as the key in today’s organisations
    • The value to the individual, people, teams and organisation
    • Individual leader values assessment: find out where you stand
    • Why values matter as a motivator, guide and integrity radar
    • Identifying your ‘authentic leadership’ style: Three styles of value based leaders – identifying thinking style and behaviour stress
    • Leveraging from strengths – what this looks like in practice
    • Delivering results through values-based leadership – the what and how
    • The 13 behaviours of high trust leaders globally (assessment)
    • Using the ‘ethicability’ framework (Roger Steare) to solve problems and make decisions


    Responsibility, Accountability and Consciousness (RAC)

    ‘When we decide to do what we can, where we are, instead of looking for others to do it, we feel more powerful and accomplish more.’ John Izzo

    • How RAC grows from a sound ethics base
    • Fixed and growth mindsets; developing the mindset to lead with values and develop trust and credibility
    • Seeing problems as opportunities and learning
    • Assess your credibility quotient
    • Assessment: credibility and developing it further
    • Four cores that make you believable
    • Developing our ‘limitations’ responsibly
    • Developing rigorous responsibility one step at a time, the core behaviours
    • Increasing integrity through responsible behaviour
    • Practicing ‘conscious’ leadership – a daily practice
    • Intentional practical application: tools, techniques and practices


    Building Success with Others Through Your Trust and Values Based Leadership

    ‘The data clearly demonstrates how ethics, integrity and a positive corporate culture can impact business performance. In the end, however, it’s not just about your bottom line. It’s also about the people inside your organization, and the relationships they’re building each day.’ Forbes

    • The nub that sits within the trust relationship: respect
    • The role of fear (pain and gain) and self-esteem in performance and behaviour – yours and others and how trust ‘fixes’ this
    • Managing and helping to shift ‘stuck’ behaviour in others
    • See, speak, behave model: the core communication of the values-led leaders of trust
    • Speaking with integrity: the keys, why we find this so hard and how to begin to do this
    • Practicing empathy and its role in delivering performance and building trust
    • The value of transparency and straight respectful talk
    • Creating a culture of giving and receiving feedback for today’s world that delivers high performance outcomes
    • Listening with trust and enabling others to be honest in confronting reality and accepting responsibility
    • Six steps to transforming performance through values-led leadership
    • Declaring intent and what this achieves
    • Restoring trust when broken


    Change and Transformation: leading it authentically

    ‘The dynamic of extraordinary times in organisations is becoming commonplace, where organisations are experiencing waves of change, one upon the other.’ Center for Creative Leadership

    • The biggest mistakes most organisations make and how to avoid this
    • The role of compliance and commitment and what the leader needs to do
    • The Transition Leadership Wheel (CCL), understanding and using the key competencies during transition
    • Identifying personal blocks and strengths during transition
    • The Authentic Communication of change and transformation 



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