VBA for Financial Professionals

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    Understanding Visual Basic for Applications

    • Overview of what you can do with VBA and how your organisation can benefit
    • Ways VBA can improve the efficiency of accounting and management processes and allow easier access to information
    • Automating chart creation and formatting in Excel


    Creating macro shortcuts

    • How do you record a macro?
    • Linking macros to shortcut keys
    • Autoloading macros and shortcuts
    • Creating your personal macro file


    Network accessible Excel addins

    • Generating addins
    • Automatically loading addins
    • Making addins do something automatically whenever a user opens a spreadsheet


    Toolbars and menus

    • Adding items to existing menus
    • Linking menu items to macros


    Data analytics and reporting

    • Performing data processing, calculations and analysis using VBA
    • Data modelling and analytics
    • Creating report generation tools in Word and PowerPoint using VBA to automate reports from Excel data

    Dashboards and wizards

    • Creating simple interfaces for other users
    • Using VBA to create dashboards in Excel


    Recording & editing macros

    • What does recorded macro code looks like?
    • Editing Macro code: using Visual Basic Editor

    Writing visual basic code from scratch

    • What is a variable?
    • What is a statement?
    • How is program “flow” determined?
    • Understanding the object model and spreadsheets
    • More VBA terms: subs, functions, arrays, loops, logic etc
    • Code syntax and notation for objects


    Debugging your macros

    • What happens when you make a mistake?
    • Tools for testing and debugging code


    Writing functions

    • Differences between macros and functions
    • Defining a function
    • Constraints when working with functions


    Extending your uses of VBA

    • VBA for other Office packages such as Access, Outlook, Word and PowerPoint
    • Downloading data from the web or intranet using VBA
    • Using VBA to share data and automate communication between your databases (such as cognos) and Excel

    Workflow integration

    • How do you reference one Office application from another?
    • Controlling one office application from another
    • Sending information and data between office applications


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