Working Capital Management for Success

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    “Cash is king” is a well-known saying in business. Cash flow and working capital management are the most important and challenging issues facing all organisations. However, this cannot be considered in isolation as it is a consequence of overall organisational management. Making sure your organisation remains cash flow positive is essential to streamlining your business operations and minimising unnecessary financial costs.

    This course will practically illustrate finance’s role in cash flow management, including how to dynamically manage your cash flow as business practices and environments change, financing options and essential tools.


    Key Learning Outcomes

    • Understand the effect of business activities on your cash flow
    • Gain a thorough understanding of cash flow and working capital
    • Manage your liquidity levels and financial risks associated with cash flows
    • Dynamically manage your cash flows as situations change
    • Learn about financing options to maintain an optimal positive cash flow
    • Explore new business models that will give you a competitive advantage



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