Working Safely with the Public - Dealing with Confrontation, Intimidation and Aggression

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    Working face to face with members of the public is exciting, varied and rewarding. At the same time, it’s unpredictable, with some interactions involving aggressive, antagonistic or derogatory behaviour. Front-line staff and their leaders are required to manage a variety of situations involving an element of risk. This can be stressful given the personal and professional challenges these situations can pose.

    This unique training opportunity is relevant for anyone who works with members of the public. Internationally, acts of violence and aggression are an increasing threat to those working directly with the public. Although many such incidents go unreported, there is a growing acceptance that threats or intimidating behaviour can cause significant harm such as the loss of personal and professional confidence, psychological stress and subsequent low morale in the work place. Despite many work places having a zero tolerance approach towards violence, employees can feel unsafe in the work place.

    Therefore, both violence and aggression are workplace hazards. 

    In particular, this course it will be highly relevant for the following:

    • Teachers
    • Healthcare professionals
    • Government departments
    • Social services workers
    • Call centre staff
    • Customer service and retail staff
    • Property managers
    • Transport industry workers
    • Parking wardens
    • Animal welfare workers
    • Enforcement roles
    • Airline employees
    • Customs
    • Correctional staff
    • Receptionists
    • Hospitality staff
    • Bank & Insurance
    • Public transport operators
    • Referees


    This training course will provide an understanding of violence and aggression, the recognition and management of risk, strategies to de-escalate, an opportunity to review current organisational policies /practices and how to enhance resilience so any potential or actual incidents of violence create an opportunity to thrive both personally and professionally.

    Each participant will have an opportunity to engage in role play scenarios to put into action course learnings and from this develop an individualised action plan to support them manage risks (self, employee and organisational).

    In line with recommendations from Work Safe, refresher training is also available.  

    “Fantastic, would love to go to another workshop with this person again.”
    Fiona Hardie, Corporate Services Administrator, Alpine Energy Ltd


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