Workplace Bullying & Harassment

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    Overview of Workplace Bullying & Harassment in NZ

    • What is workplace bullying/harassment?

    • Exploring definitions of workplace bullying/harassment

    • Workplace bullying vs. Performance management

    • How to recognise workplace bullying

    • Effects and costs of bullying on business


    Relevant Legislation and Liability

    • Human Rights Act

    • Employment Relations Act

    • Protected Disclosures Act

    • HASIE Act

    • Case Studies


    Employer’s Obligations

    • Conducting a confidential workplace survey to find out whether bullying is an issue?

    • Assessing your workplace practices to ensure they comply with legislation

    • Detailing support e.g. who to contact, the role of HR and management in the event of workplace bullying/harassment


    Your Workplace

    • How does your workplace handle bullying and harassment?

    • If you have a policy and procedure, how effective is it?

    • Brainstorming solutions


    Educating and Protecting Managers

    • Getting senior management buy-in

    • Ensuring senior management understand the policy and endorse it

    • Providing comprehensive training for managers

    • Encourage note taking and participation in relevant meetings

    • Protecting managers from unfounded allegations


    Policy & Procedure

    • Evaluating the scope of a policy and who it covers

    • Considerations of the policy which suits the organisation and workforce

    • Finalising your organisation’s definition of workplace bullying/harassment

    • Establishing clear and effective procedures

    • Consider external investigation when necessary & how to properly brief the investigator

    • Documenting policies and procedures to protect employees from bullying and to enable them to file a complaint


    Drafting a Policy & Running a Procedure

    • Best practice policies – drafting one or improving one

    • Role-playing exercise: dealing with a complaint

    • Recording outcomes

    • Monitoring outcomes


    Organisational Culture

    • Encourage a proactive approach rather than reactive approaches to bullying and harassment

    • Create a culture of accountability which enables staff to make complaints

    • Recruit and appoint managers who are capable in their expertise and possess good people skills and emotional intelligence (EQ)

    • Reassess and change the recruitment and criteria of managers if appropriate 

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