Writing for the Web

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    Starting with strategy   

    • Defining your voice and tone for the web
    • Understanding your audience
    • Understanding how different kinds of people behave online and how to make the most of the extra interactivity
    • Practical differences, incl. eye tracking studies
    • Setting goals and ways to measure


    Knowing your platforms

    • Structuring and organising web content – what pages do you need, and what goes on what page?
    • What options are there for layering content – pop ups, links, roll overs
    • Page length and scrolling – how much is too much content?
    • AdWords - the basics and a few tips and tricks
    • Facebook ad - the basics
    • Google places and sponsored links – the basics
    • Landing pages – what are they and how to write one that converts sales



    • What is search engine optimisation – how does it work, and why should you care?
    • Striking a balance between writing for search engines and writing for people
    • Defining keywords – the basics
    •  the basics of creating search optimised copy – all the rules about headlines, body copy, meta data, links, captions, maps and call outs and when to ignore them. 
    • Writing articles for search


    Social media

    • Why and how social media writing is different
    • The major platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs and forums) – who’s on them, how they use them, when to consider them, how to make the most of them and the traps to avoid
    • The practicalities of setting up and running profiles
    • Adding social to the marketing mix – having a point, choosing the right platforms, supporting your presences


    Testing and measuring

    • Measuring content usability
    • Testing your content
    • ROI – setting goals and ways to measure
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